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War(Date), resumes.The peaceful days of Itsuka Shidou returned without having khổng lồ save the Spirits from the relentless battle days. But, the peaceful days were interrupted by the emergence of a mysterious sphere emitting spiritual wave――as well as a mysterious girl who showed herself at the same time. What is her purpose of keeping an eye on Shidou……? The mission that had been entrusted lớn Shidou under the tense situation was, “Date all of the Spirits, and make them fall in love?!”――With the fate of humanity at stake, the war(date) resumes!(Source: Date A Live Wiki)

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From the very first episode in Season 1, Date A Live was definitely quality in its set-up. Using dates to save spirits from their misery is certainly a concept that you vị not see often in the romance genre (except maybe The World God Only Knows? Just maybe?) and this was initially executed in a very interesting way. Where Date A Live goes wrong, however, is that, instead of coming up with something new, the writers choose khổng lồ recycle the same generic formula once, twice, & now thrice.“Formula? What the heck are you talking about? What formula is this?” you may ask. Nothing wrong ... With asking a totally legitimate question. & to answer: well, let us boil down exactly what happened in the past two seasons. Whenever a problem comes up in the size of a new character, tensions among various characters, or some kind of event, how vì chưng the characters resolve it? That’s right, a date. Something as simple as two people spending time together as a way lớn seal up the worst of the worst.Does this happen once again in Mayuri Judgment? Certainly. But having Shidou go on six dates for the first 45 minutes of the movie was really unnecessary & dragged the plot on & on. Nothing spectacular come out of these dates, & we learned nothing new about the characters that we did not already know. As for the climax itself, talk about messy, messy, messy. One thing that I kept asking was what the heck is the big-ball-of-doom doing there? The relationship between that & Mayuri’s presence is constantly hinted at during the “climax” battle, but it’s never fully explained và thus we end up taking it at face value.Moving onto the characters themselves, there really isn’t any development at all. In the first và second seasons, dates were used as a way to lớn forge and deepen the relationships between Shidou and the rest of the main characters. Since they are all now close friends, these dates don’t hold the same kind of meaning anymore, hence the little character development. Don’t get me wrong – the characters are definitely interesting – it’s just that they don’t really change at all.One new character does come into the mix: Mayuri. But she’s just there with really no purpose for most of the movie – stalking around in the background, following the main characters around, with some hints here and there. When it’s finally her time to shine, she transitions into the plot inconsistently and poorly. In one moment, nobody but Shidou can see her, but all of a sudden in the next second everybody else can. All of this crammed into literally the last 20 to 30 minutes of the movie.The only one character I was extremely disappointed with was Origami. She was completely a throwaway character in the movie who butts in randomly to challenge Tohka (as if we’ve never seen this happen in the previous seasons), and then removes herself from the picture once that is over. The movie could have just done well without her (although I’m sure the fans wouldn’t have liked that).Sound & art are of high quality. The animation is by Production IMS so it is definitely high quality. The voice acting is also done well. I personally really lượt thích how Shidou changes his voice when he switches into his female counterpart. My only major issue is that sometimes the 3d graphics looked a little odd & incompatible with the bright, well-illuminated background, but otherwise from that, no complaints on that front.So is this movie worth your time? Well if you’re reading this review and thinking about it, you’ve probably already enjoyed the first two seasons well enough so go right ahead. From a critical standpoint, however, I was pretty disappointed. Date A Live: Mayuri Judgment did not put itself ahead of the pack.Overall Grade: D+Author's Disclaimer: Please remember, this is my own personal opinion. I critique anime primarily on how the story is executed và how well-rounded the characters are. This reviews is not meant to lớn target any other đánh giá but was intended to lớn provide a more holistic analysis.