Many Windows users got error code "Display driver stopped responding & has recovered" when playing games or running some applications. If you are one of them, don"t worry. This article introduces 9 ways to help resolve error "Display driver stopped responding và has recovered" with detailed steps and screenshots.

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Some of you may have encountered this situation: when you are playing computer games or running an application on your computer, it freezes up a few seconds or exit it khổng lồ the desktop. Sometimes the computer is stuck in a blue screen of death or goes black. After a few seconds, a notification as below will show up at the right corner of the computer screen.

You will see the message "display driver has stopped responding và has recovered". It is really annoying if you are doing something urgent at that time. You may wonder: how did this happen? How can I fix it? Well, the following contents will tell you when this phenomenon would occur và the specific steps to lớn fix it.

When Would "Display Driver Stopped Responding và Has Recovered" Error Occur

The reasons for error "Display Driver Stopped Responding và Has Recovered Nvidia" are various và complicated. Here I summarize some occasions that the display driver stopped responding error would occur at its great possibility.

There are a lot of programs & applications running on your computer.The display drive is outdated, corrupted or missing.The GPU in your computer is overheating.GPU takes more time than permitted to display graphics to your monitor.The graphic card in your computer is very old or defective.Windows operating system has corrupt system or registry files.

After learning the possible causes for the Display Driver Stopped Responding & Has Recovered Nvidia error, you should now apply a solution lớn solve it.

Close unnecessary programs and applicationsChange visual effects Reinstall graphics driversIncrease GPU processing timeUpdate the graphics driverCheck if the GPU is overheatingConfigure Hardware to default settingsReplace the graphic card with a new one

Solution 1. Close Unnecessary Programs and Applications

When there are more applications & programs than the GPU can handle running, performance issues like "Display Driver Stopped Responding và Has Recovered" error could be triggered.

In this case, you can close some unnecessary applications và programs running on your computer, which should fix display driver has stopped responding issue.

Solution 2. Adjust Visual Effects for Better Performance

Adjusting visual effect can also help to lớn improve computer performance và fix display driver stopped responding and has recovered Windows 10 error. You can adjust your computer for better performance by disabling some of the visual effects. Here are detailed steps và pictures to lớn show you how to lớn adjust visual effects in Windows 10.

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Step 1. đầu vào Adjust the appearance & performance of Windows in the Windows Cortana tìm kiếm box và choose the best match to mở cửa the Performance options.

Step 2. In this Visual Effect section, select Adjust for best performance và click OK.


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Solution 9. Replace your Graphics card with a New One

If all of the above methods don"t work for your computer, the issue "Display drive has stopped responding & has recovered" is possibly caused by a defective graphics card. In this case, you have no choice but to lớn buy a new one.

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After showing you the 9 methods lớn fix "Display drive has stopped responding và has recovered Nvidia" error, you can try these methods one by one or choose the most suitable one according khổng lồ your situation.

If you have any question about how to lớn fix display drive stopped responding and has recovered Windows 10 issue with the 9 solutions or if you have other better solutions, you can leave a message in the following phản hồi zone & we will reply as soon as possible. If you need any help when using MiniTool software, you may liên hệ us via .