Self-professed lover of all things small and cute, Souta Takanashi finds himself dragooned into working at the Wagnaria family restaurant by the diminutive and vivacious Poplar Taneshima. Though the pay is reasonable & the clientele polite, the high school student isoften at his wits" kết thúc when dealing with the quirky staff. If the indifferent & street-tough manager, katana-carrying floor chief, and terminally weak Poplar weren"t enough, Souta frequently fears for his life, as every encounter with the violently androphobic Inami ends in injury. How long can he survive before the combined stress & harm vì him in?

TagsComedyRomanceSeinenSlice of LifeAndrophobiaCoworkersRestaurantsWork LifeBased on a 4-Koma MangaYotsuiro BiyoriTV (12 eps)Zexcs2018

Our story takes place in Japanese Style Tea House "Rokuhoudou" which is quite popular due to lớn the great efforts of Sui (shop manager in charge of tea), Gre (in charge of Latte Art), Tsubaki (in charge of desserts) và Tokitaka (in charge of the food). Not only bởi vì the excel in hospitality for their customers, but they also help out with their worries from time lớn time. A series of endearing stories that take place in this heartful restaurant. Who will be their customers today?

Tsundere, Imouto (little sister type), etc. Are only a few of the PERSONAS that the café waitresses play out here. & the new hire, Maika, is asked by the store manager khổng lồ play none other than the SUPER SADIST!? As she becomes devoted khổng lồ her work, her super sadist persona blooms unexpectedly... Everything is a treat—even being stomped on—in this outrageous working comedy!

TagsComedySeinenCafeCoworkersOtaku CultureWork LifeBased on a 4-Koma MangaNew Game!!TV (12 eps)Doga Kobo2017

Aoba Suzukaze starts another year designing characters at Eagle Jump, & she can’t wait lớn meet the newbie recruits... If any are hired. But before she can even unlock her senpai status, she finds herself in a lead designer position for the company’s newest game! Following in her manager’s footsteps, Aoba’s gotta get good if she wants her skills lớn compete with Ko Yagami’s.

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TagsComedySeinenCoworkersIyashikeiVideo trò chơi IndustryWork LifeBased on a 4-Koma MangaWakaba*Girl: Onsen TsukaritaiDVD Special (1 ep)Nexus2015

The girls are aiming lớn spend Golden Week at a hot spring. Khổng lồ earn enough money for the trip, they go lớn work for Wakaba’s sister!

Youko, the daughter of the Rainy màu sắc cafe"s owner Kouji Amami, takes over as the acting manager of the cafe.

TagsSlice of LifeCafeCoworkersShort EpisodesWork LifeRainy Cocoa, Welcome khổng lồ Rainy ColorTV (12 eps)EMT Squared2015

At the popular Japanese-style tea house Rokuhoudou, customers can count on receiving not only excellent food and drink, but - if they wish for it - a helping hand in solving any problem that may be plaguing them. Serving in Rokuhoudou are four men who are consummate professionals in their individual fields: tea expert Sui, latte artist Gure, pâtissier Tsubaki và chef Tokitaka.

TagsSeinenSlice of LifeCafeCoworkersFood and BeverageIyashikeiCafé Kichijoji de - Niban SenjiVol: 1; Ch: 82009

In a corner of Kichijouji, there"s a small café where five good-looking young men work... But there"s no kết thúc to the trouble they cause! Glasses-wearing clean freak Tarou; the womanizing Maki; the ever-penniless Toku; Jun, whose đáng yêu face hides terrifying strength; and Minagawa, the patissier who"s rumoured to know voodoo...What sort of ruckus will these five cause today?

"Irasshai!" Welcome khổng lồ the most unruly cà phê in Kichijouji và its charming staff of five who have absolutely nothing in common. When tempers rise, so vị mop handles, giant boulders và repair bills. Meet Jun, a mild mannered high school student with a sharp tongue và superhuman strength. Tarou, a clean freak with a deadly aim in the art of mopping. Maki, a sloppy, lazy woman chaser. Minagawa, a talented pastry chef equally skilled in the arts of voodoo, và the impulsive, cheerful, though desperately unfortunate Tokumi. A feast of comedy based on the popular Japanese radio drama.

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TagsComedyShoujoSlice of LifeCafeCoworkersRestaurantsNew Game!Vol: 13; Ch: 169Manga Time Kirara Carat2013 - 2021

Aoba Suzukaze maylooklike a middle schooler, but she’s actually a character designer fresh out of high school. Not only is she working for the company that put out one of her favorite games, she also gets lớn spend her days modeling & creating characters. Follow her adorable shenanigans in this 4-panel slice of life as she learns the ropes of the industry and gets khổng lồ know her co-workers.

Tags4-komaComedySeinenCoworkersIyashikeiVideo game IndustryWork LifeBlend SVol: 8; Ch: 113Manga Time Kirara Carat2013 - 2022

While looking for a part-time job, Sakuranomiya Maika finds herself hired by a café where each waitress plays a different character type. She"s got a pretty scary look in her eyes, so for her role, she"s asked to play a sadist. As it turns out—and much to lớn her surprise—she"s actually quite good at it! Just what sorts of strange, fun situations await her at her new post?

Tags4-komaComedySeinenCafeCoworkersOtaku CultureWork LifeKirei ni Shitemoraemasu ka.Vol: 8+; Ch: 57+Young Gangan2017 - ?

Takes place at a seaside town laundry shop called "Kinme Cleaning," where the proprietress Takana Kinme is a cheerful, hardworking girl who loves hot springs.

TagsSeinenSlice of LifeAmnesiaIyashikeiNeko KissaVol: 6; Ch: 93Manga Time Kirara2002 - 2011

Aoba Koo works part time at a cà phê at the capital of the demon world.

Tags4-komaComedyFantasySeinenSlice of LifeAnimal CharacteristicsCafeCatsCoworkersRestaurantsSee all recommendations