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If the Windows Hello fingerprint scanning is not working, this can create a security risk.The main cause behind the Windows fingerprint scanning not working is a problematic driver.A possible solution for the Windows Hello fingerprint not available issue is to update your drivers.You can also try to lớn use another fingerprint reader lớn secure your device.

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Therefore, before buying a new fingerprint reader, make sure that the device is compatible with your machine.

We recommend getting theKensington VeriMark USB Fingerprint Key, a tiny fingerprint reader that’s fully compatible with Windows.

3. Switch lớn local account/ create a new account

Open Settings and click on the Account icon.Click on Sign out và finish.

You can try creating a new account và setting up the fingerprint scanner for it. After that just delete the new account & switch back khổng lồ the old one.

If Windows won’t let you địa chỉ cửa hàng a new account, this expert guide will help you fix the problem and get things back to normal.

4. Prevent your PC from turning off USB devices

Open Device Manager.Repeat these steps for all USB Root Hub devices that you have on your PC.

Your system may be turning off your USB device to save power. By deactivating this feature, your fingerprint reader will still be active.

5. Update HP tư vấn Assistant

If the fingerprint reader doesn’t work in Windows 10, the problem might be the HP support Assistant application. If you have this application on your PC, be sure to lớn update it to the latest version.

You can vì that simply by running the application và choosing the update option or you can download the latest version from HP’s website.

After the application is updated, restart your PC và the fingerprint reader will start working again.

Keep in mind that this solution works only if you’re using an HP device. If you have a PC from another brand and you don’t have HP support Assistant on your PC, then this solution doesn’t apply to you.

6. Uninstall the fingerprint software

Open the Settings app using the Windows Key + I shortcut.Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the uninstallation process.

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After removing the fingerprint software, you need khổng lồ remove the fingerprint driver from your PC like shown in Solution 2.

Next, restart your PC. Windows 10 will install the mặc định driver and the issue should be resolved. If you have trouble opening the Setting app, take a look at this comprehensive article lớn solve the issue in no time.

7. Remove fingerprint scanning and update the fingerprint driver

7.1 Remove the fingerprint scanning option

In the right pane go lớn Windows Hello section & click on the Remove button under Fingerprint.Remove the fingerprint driver as explained in Solution 2.Download và install the latest driver for your fingerprint reader lượt thích shown in Solution 1.

7.2 Register new fingerprints

Make sure that you have a pin set up. If not, phối up your pin now.Go to the Windows Hello section in the right pane & click on the Set upbutton.Follow the instructions on the screen lớn set up your fingerprint.Follow the instructions on the screen to địa chỉ cửa hàng another fingerprint.

Still not working? Here’s another comprehensive guide that could help you fix the Windows Hello problem once & for all.

8. Remove and recreate your PIN

8.1 Remove the PIN

Open the Settings app và go to lớn Accounts, then click on the Sign-in options.Click the Remove button again khổng lồ confirm.

8.2 showroom your sạc again

9. Update your BIOS

If the fingerprint doesn’t work in Windows 10, the problem might be your BIOS. If your device has a built-in fingerprint reader, you might be able to lớn fix this problem by updating your BIOS.

The BIOS update is an advanced procedure, and if you’re not careful you can cause irreversible damage to your PC. We wrote a short guide on how lớn flash your BIOS, so be sure to kiểm tra it out.

In addition,many users are recommending updating your chipset drivers as well so make sure you try that too. You can update your drivers using our first two solutions from this guide.

We hope that you managed lớn fix the fingerprint scanning for your Windows 10 device by using our solutions.

If the sạc isn’t working on Windows 10, here’s an excellent guide that will help you fix the sạc problem in Windows 10 right away.

If you updated your operating system and need help, check our guide on how to fix the fingerprint sensor error in Windows 11.

For more suggestions or questions, reach out khổng lồ the comments section below. Other users might appreciate your input.

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