How To View Saved Wi Ndows 10 Wifi Passwords, 4 Ways To Find Out Windows 10 Wi

So many stores, service stations, coffee shops, pubs và so on offer không tính tiền Wi-Fi that you probably have countless networks saved on your phone or laptop. Having a password saved on your computer is great, but how can you get the password so you can use it on your phone as well?

Rather than trying khổng lồ hunt down a member of staff to ask, or hunting high & low for that tiny sign that shares the password, you can instead view the wireless passwords you have saved. Read on khổng lồ find out how lớn retrieve these passwords in both Windows 10 and Android.

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If you already have the password for a wireless network saved on your máy tính xách tay and want to retrieve it to lớn use on your phone -- or mô tả with someone else -- things are quite simple. The same method works in Windows 7, Windows 8.x, và Windows 10, but it"s important to cảnh báo that you need to lớn be connected khổng lồ the network you are trying to lớn retrieve the password for.

Press the Windows key and R, type ncpa.cpl and press Enter.Right click on the wireless network adaptor và select Status.Click the Wireless Properties button.In the Properties dialog that appears, move khổng lồ the Security tab.Click the Show characters check box, and the network password will be revealed.


If you want khổng lồ retrieve a saved wireless network password from android or iOS, you"ll have lớn have a rooted or jailbroken device -- sadly, there is no standard way to pull up security credentials. It"s worth noting that there are several apps out there in Google Play that claim khổng lồ reveal Wi-Fi passwords; while some of these work, there are also numerous malicious tools out there, so it"s best to use an alternative method.

If you"re using Android, install a copy of the không tính tiền file browser ES file Explorer.

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Navigate khổng lồ the data/misc/wifi thư mục on your device -- it will not be visible on non-rooted phones.Open the tệp tin called wpa_supplicant.conf and you will see a list of saved Wi-Fi networks complete with their passwords.

To retrieve a Wi-Fi password on a jailbroken iPhone, you can kiểm tra in the Keychain access phầm mềm if you have a Mac connected khổng lồ the same network, but there"s another method if you prefer to vì it all from your phone.

Grab yourself a copy of WiFi Passwords from Cydia.

Fire up the app, và you"ll be presented with a danh mục of all of the passwords your iPhone has for saved wireless networks.

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