The debate goes on as to lớn whether Vice thành phố or San Andreas is the king of the early 3 chiều Grand Theft tự động games. Here"s what each trò chơi does best.

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Regardless of one's thoughts about their quality, it is hard to argue that the three Grand Theft tự động hóa games on the PS2 are not some of the most important games ever made. Not only were they absolute sales juggernauts, but they also broke a lot of new ground in open-world trò chơi design.

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Fans go back and forth on whether Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the best of the franchise, or if it is San Andreas. The following danh sách will point out the strengths of each. At the kết thúc of the day, it is easy to see both arguments for which one is the best Grand Theft Auto. One thing is for sure: they are both fantastic.

10 Vice City: The Setting


Even though the technical limitations of both games show nowadays, there is still something special about Vice City's depiction of the 1980s. The character models are quaint, and other parts of the world definitely look lượt thích they were made in 2002, but players still feel like they walked through a time portal upon booting up the game.

One could say the same about San Andreas, but it loses some of that 1990s sheen once the story progresses to lớn San Fierro & Las Venturas. Vice City really immerses the players in the location and time period.


Vice City's gameplay is too similar lớn Grand Theft tự động 3 for most khổng lồ consider it a major step above its predecessor. San Andreas, on the other hand does a lot lớn push the series forward.

Players can aim freely, crouch walk, climb objects in the environment, and much more. Movement và driving simply feel smoother overall. More missions involve shootouts, và they actually play well. Shooting and aiming feels wonky in Vice City, while game play is much smoother in San Andreas.


Grand Theft tự động hóa 3's Liberty đô thị is made worse purely because of Grand Theft tự động hóa 4, which improved upon the setting. The same goes for Los Santos in San Andreas being recreated in Grand Theft auto 5.

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However, there is no HD recreation of Vice City's map khổng lồ make the original look worse by comparison. Maybe fans will get one in the future, but until then, the Vice đô thị from 2002 is still the best faux Miami players have.


Vice city is a relatively simple tale about a criminal building up an empire. It is compelling from a gameplay perspective, but there is nothing really interesting or chất lượng in the meat of the story. San Andreas, on the other hand, is an epic crime story with dozens of characters.

Players are led to lớn believe the game will be about one thing, before the whole story is turned on its head and players are sent down a whole other path. Along the way, the main character, Carl Johnson, grows và changes, keeping players engaged.

Vice City is uniquely structured for a Grand Theft tự động hóa game. After a certain mission, the game lets players acquire property & complete missions for each of them in any order. While San Andreas has assets and side missions, they are not directly tied khổng lồ progression.

Reaching the credits in San Andreas is still just a linear series of missions. There are a lot of them, about 100 khổng lồ be exact, but they follow a typical path. The cấp độ of choice in Vice City makes players feel lượt thích they have more control.

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With about 100 story missions in all, the objectives had better be interesting for players lớn remain engaged until the very end. The missions cover all range of gameplay mechanics lượt thích shootouts, oto chases, on-foot chases, và even flying to Liberty City.

Vice City has fewer missions by comparison, và they offer less variety. As previously stated, shootouts are not as fun, và movement does not feel as tight as it does in San Andreas.

There has been a lot of controversy around the definitive editions of the trilogy released recently. The graphics have come under a lot of criticism, & there are numerous technical issues. San Andreas suffers the most of the three. Some argue that certain aesthetic choices destroy the PS2 game's quality vibe.

On the other side of the coin is Vice City, which fares better with the upgrades. Character models still look strange at times, but the overall look of the đô thị is improved.

San Andreas forces players lớn pay close attention to lớn CJ's stats. If he goes too long without eating, he grows weaker. But if players feed him too much he will gain weight & won't be as agile. Additionally, certain stats like stamina, muscle, and lung capacity increase as players vày certain activities.

CJ gets better at driving cars, bikes and motorcycles the more he engages with them. He also gets better with certain weapons as he uses them. This makes players feel like everything they vì counts, and has an effect on their game.

It only takes a few hours for players lớn really get into the meat of Vice City. After a small series of missions, players are already big-timers, doing missions with large setpieces. San Andreas, for better or worse, starts smaller and takes a while to lớn pick up. Just when players think they are in the main game play loop và ready to lớn make the big bucks, the trò chơi throws a curveball & CJ is back to square one in another part of the map.

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While this type of pacing lends lớn San Andreas' grand scale, Vice City is more immediately gratifying. Many GTA players enjoy the faster pace và quicker buildup this title offers.

While the vibe of the 1980s might be more enjoyable, San Andreas has a huge advantage when it comes khổng lồ the maps simply because the terrain is more varied. Each of the three large landmasses has a distinct personality & there are rural areas to lớn explore.

Vice City generally has one tone lớn it, while San Andreas varies greatly with its regions. There is something especially satisfying about doing a mission where the player crosses several areas of the map, really making players feel like they are traversing across a whole state.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is out now for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X và S, Xbox One, và PC.

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